About the absence of art

If intended by the artist, absence of art is the most minimalist, abstract form of art, thus again the presence of art.

If absence of art occurs in a society, it is the carrier of very important information.

What do we perceive when art is absent?

Emptiness - an empty room, an empty paper, blank information - and yet a multitude of thoughts, questions, emotions.

Silence - absence of sound, absence of sound of color, absence of sound of form - and yet the echo of the symphony of thoughts, questions and emotions.

Art is created through context.

Through the context of absence or presence of information.

Art is always present yet more though in its absence.

Even in times when art seems absent or inaccessible, such as in times of the pandemic, or in censoring, in exclusionary societies, art is present in its absence.

Hidden but very active!

Civilisations and cultures define and identify themselves through art, through past, present, and future art.

What unites people, whether it is a community of a small indigenous people or of the largest metropolis, is the common art and this art is always a reflection of the status quo of the current social structure of this particular society.

With the single parameter diversity - what is absent, what is present - an exact image of the socio-cultural structure and status of a community can be derived.

Art is created through context, and context is created through art!

In its absence art is always present.

Be attentive

Be art!