Untold stories by Jonathan Berkh

Do you remember the story that I didn’t tell you? You know, the one about … Do you remember what we did not talk about? Do you remember the sunrise we didn’t see, the forest we didn’t walk, all the songs we didn’t sing?

Do you remember? I do, I remember.

And I also remember all the untold stories I did not paint. I did not paint them because I did not want their colours on my canvases. Because I did not want anyone to see them. There are some colours that I do not want anyone to see. And then there are some colours that are so amazingly beautiful, that just want to keep them to myself.

Maybe some other day I will dedicate canvases to all the untold stories, but then again why should I? Once a story is told it never ever again can be an untold one. One cannot undo that. One can change an untold story to a told one, but no one ever can reverse a told story to be an untold one. And then all the mysteries would be gone.